Wage and Hour Services

Navigating the Maze of Wage and Hour Compliance

While many organizations may not prioritize wage and hour issues, compliance with federal and state laws demands attention. It's not a matter of chance; it's a matter of diligence. LaPadula Carlson + Co recognizes the significance of compliance and has developed a Self-Review Wage and Hour Questionnaire to help you assess potential compliance issues.

Self-Review Wage and Hour Questionnaire:

1. Federal and State Laws

  • Are you familiar with federal and state wage and hour laws, including the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Davis-Bacon, and "Little Davis Bacon" laws, especially prevailing wage requirements, exemption provisions, etc.?

2. Employee Exemption Status

  • Have employee job classifications been reviewed to ensure proper exemption status?

3. Non-Exempt Employees

  • Have pay procedures for non-exempt employees been reviewed, covering aspects such as travel time overnight, on-call pay, bonus payments in lieu of overtime pay, etc.?

4. Overtime Pay

  • Are managers or supervisors denying employees overtime pay because it was not approved in advance?

5. Pre and Post Work Duties

  • Are employees paid for pre and post work duties?

6. Travel Time

  • If you are a building contractor, are you paying employees for travel to and from construction project job sites?

7. Comp Time

  • Are employees required to take "comp time" off in lieu of being paid for overtime hours?

8. Full and Part Timers

  • Are you paying at least minimum wage to non-exempt employees (hourly employees) both full and part-timers?

9. Independent Contractors

  • Are you paying certain people as contract labor or as independent contractors? If so, are you sure they are properly classified as such, or are they, in fact, employees?

10. Prevailing Wages

  • Are you paying prevailing wages on government-funded projects?

11. Record keeping Policies

  • Have proper and acceptable record keeping and record retention policies been established?

12. Employee Leave

  • Have employee leave policies been developed and published?

13. Sales Commission

  • Have your internal sales personnel commission pay policies been reviewed to ensure these individuals are not entitled to overtime pay?

Our questionnaire addresses common issues seen in practice and serves as a guide, not an exhaustive compliance test. If certain questions raise concerns, our experienced professionals are ready to assist. LaPadula Carlson + Co conducts hundreds of wage and hour assignments annually throughout the United States, offering firsthand experience to address your questions or concerns.

For superior service at cost-effective prices, contact us for a quote at 877.529.9301 or info@lapadula.com. We look forward to assisting you.