Labor Union Services

LaPadula, Carlson has been serving both international and local labor organizations since 1973. We have a team of highly trained professionals ready to help you with your specific needs. Be careful before you hire an accountant for your organization, as there is a number of what we refer to as "part time" labor union accountants out there, i.e. they have one or two labor union clients, lack a trained staff and have limited current experience. We have numerous labor union clients, a full-time highly trained staff of professionals with years of pertinent labor union expertise.

Our clients rely on our professionals to ensure they are compliant with current governing rules, regulations, laws, filing requirements, etc. We for example guarantee all of your government filings with the IRS and OLMS are on time.

We offer a number of services to our labor union clients such as:

  • Monthly, quarterly or annual accounting services
  • Financial statements audit services
  • Government Filings, LM-2s, Form 990, Form 1099, W-2, etc.
  • Target fund audit services
  • Annual review of internal controls
  • Forecasts, projections and budgets
  • Forensic accounting services
  • Litigation support
  • Expense sharing allocations
  • Systems evaluations
  • DOL and IRS Audit preperation and assistence

LaPadula, Carlson professionals are ready to help with your particular needs, please call us so we can discuss the next step with you.

We offer clients a proven and unparalleled record of superior service at cost effective prices. We encourage you to call us for a quote on services. 877-529-9301 or we look forward to hearing from you.


If you're career oriented then LCC might be a great fit for you. LCC offers professional growth and development opportunities and an excellent benefit package.

Assurance Services

LaPadula Carlson +Co has offered Assurance services for four decades. Our clients can rest assured our team of professional auditors and accountants will evaluated the reliability, credibility, relevance, and timeliness of your financial statements and underlying systems and procedures.

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