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Trust fund sponsors, administrators, attorneys, auditors, actuaries and participants are all anxious to ensure their particular trust funds are receiving all of the contributions they are entitled pursuant to the applicable collective bargaining and participation agreements. A systematic or target aggressive payroll compliance audit program will normally ensure employer compliance with the contractual terms mutually set forth during collective bargaining. Without a payroll compliance audit program in place, there is no independent way to ensure employers are in full compliance. Payroll compliance audits help to ensure that all contractors are paying wages and fringe benefits consistent with each other thereby "Leveling the Playing Field", especially when bidding work.

By engaging LaPadula, Carlson + Co you can rest assured our dedicated team of highly trained compliance auditors will perform your payroll audits in a timely and non-disruptive manner using all of their professional skills and expertise to ensure a fair and accurate audit is done. We perform hundreds of payroll compliance audits annually, which lends to our effectiveness.

Below we have listed a few examples of why compliance payroll audits make sense.

  • Payroll compliance audits serve as a strong deterrent against employers non-compliance
  • Both the Internal Revenue Service and DOL encourage trust funds to perform payroll compliance audits
  • Collective Bargaining and participation agreements are misinterpreted
  • Hours worked are calculated incorrectly
  • Employee classifications are improperly applied
  • Clerical errors
  • Alter-ego companies
  • Territorial misinterpretations
  • Minimum or maximum hours are not reported correctly
  • Employment hire and termination dates are incorrect
  • Non-union employees performing covered work

We offer clients a proven and unparalleled record of superior service at cost effective prices. We encourage you to call us for a quote on services. 877-529-9301 or we look forward to hearing from you.

Accounting Benefits Payroll Consulting


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Accounting Benefits Payroll Consulting

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