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Accounting Benefits Payroll Consulting

We realize running a private small to mid-size business typically with sales of less than $50 million presents unique challenges that often require help from professionals with expertise specific to your needs. You can rely on LaPadula Carlson + Co to provide those professionals when the need arises. We have people ready to help with tax planning, advice and preparation, government agency audits, budgets, cash flows, projections, financing, inventory controls, internal controls and procedures, regular accounting and much more. Our professionals stand ready to help when you need them.

Here's some questions and issues you may need some help with

  • Should you buy or lease a company car, equipment or building
  • Should you refinance and if so what should the rate reduction be before it's the right move. Closing costs should also be a factor.
  • Should we use an outside payroll service or continue to do payroll internally
  • Should we offer our employees a 401k plan and if so can we afford to match contributions
  • Should we create an IRC Section 125 employee benefit plan commonly known as a Cafeteria plan so employees can accumulate pre-tax dollars to be used to pay certain qualified expenses like insurance premiums, dependent care, deductibles, medical expenses not covered by your policy, transportation expenses, etc.
  • We all know health and wellness coverage is expensive but also required to attract and retain talented employees. But, have you considered the Reform will have on your company, Experts anticipate your current cost will increase by at least 4% to 6% next year and probably more in years beyond that.
  • Do you have a company employee handbook and has it been up-dated lately if so, does it contain all of the company's policies and procedures. Has it been distributed to employees, Make no mistake about it, employees are more prone now than ever to sue employers
  • Lately has someone reviewed the company's wage and hour policies to insure you are compliant with all state and federal wage and hour requirements
  • How does an employer attract and retain good people when wages and benefits are not enough
  • How much is your company really worth and is it sellable
  • How do we find out if we are receiving meaningful financial information from our current financial systems and reports

Our talented professionals can help you with all of these issues. We can provide the specialized assistance you may need to get your company where it needs to be especially in today's uncertain environment. We'll custom fit solutions specific to your requirements and always guarantee your satisfaction.

We provide these services to a wide range of business entities such as S and C corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, not-for-profits and individuals.

We offer clients a proven and unparalleled record of superior service at cost effective prices. We encourage you to call us for a quote on services. 877-529-9301 or we look forward to hearing from you.

Accounting Benefits Payroll Consulting


If you're career oriented then LCC might be a great fit for you. LCC offers professional growth and development opportunities and an excellent benefit package.

Accounting Benefits Payroll Consulting

Busines Management Advisory Services

Have you ever wanted to pick up the phone or email someone for answers or solutions to a problem but you don't know who to call, you're not alone hundreds of business owners and managers are in the same predicament as you.

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