Small Business Services

Navigating the Challenges of Small to Mid-Size Business Management

Running a private small to mid-size business comes with its own set of challenges, and at LaPadula Carlson + Co, we understand the unique needs that arise. Whether its tax planning, advice, preparation, government agency audits, budgets, cash flows, projections, financing, inventory controls, or regular accounting, our team of professionals is ready to provide the expertise you need when the situation arises.

Here are some questions and issues you may encounter where our assistance could prove invaluable:

1. Buy or Lease Decisions

  • Should you buy or lease a company car, equipment, or a building?

2. Refinancing Considerations

  • When and under what conditions should you refinance, considering rate reductions and closing costs?

3. Payroll Management

  • Should you use an outside payroll service or continue to handle payroll internally?

4. Employee Benefits

  • Should you offer employees a 401k plan, and can you afford to match contributions?
  • Consideration of creating an IRC Section 125 employee benefit plan (Cafeteria plan) for pre-tax accumulation.

5. Health and Wellness Coverage

  • How will healthcare reform impact your company's costs, and have you prepared for potential increases?

6. Employee Handbook

  • Do you have an updated employee handbook that includes all company policies and procedures?

7. Wage and Hour Compliance

  • Has someone reviewed the company's wage and hour policies to ensure compliance with state and federal requirements?

8. Attracting and Retaining Talent

  • Beyond wages and benefits, what strategies can you employ to attract and retain quality employees?

9. Business Valuation

  • How much is your company really worth, and is it sellable?

10. Financial Information Quality

  • Are you receiving meaningful financial information from your current systems and reports?

Our talented professionals can address these issues and more, providing specialized assistance to guide your company in today's uncertain business environment. We tailor solutions specific to your requirements and work with you to achieve your objective.

We serve a diverse range of business entities, including S and C corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, not-for-profits, and individuals.

For superior service at cost-effective prices, contact us for a quote at 877.529.9301 or We eagerly await the opportunity to assist you.