Payroll Compliance Audit Services

Ensuring Trust Fund Integrity Through Payroll Compliance Audits

Trust fund sponsors, administrators, attorneys, auditors, actuaries, and participants share a common goal—to safeguard trust funds and ensure that contributions align with collective bargaining and participation agreements. A proactive payroll compliance audit program is a vital tool, systematically verifying employer compliance with mutually agreed-upon contractual terms established during collective bargaining.

Engaging LaPadula Carlson + Co guarantees a dedicated team of highly trained compliance auditors who conduct timely and non-disruptive payroll audits. Leveraging their professional skills and expertise, our auditors ensure fair and accurate audits. With hundreds of payroll compliance audits performed annually, our track record speaks to our effectiveness.

Here are a few reasons why compliance payroll audits make sense:

1. Deterrence Against Non-Compliance

  • Payroll compliance audits serve as a robust deterrent against employer non-compliance, promoting adherence to established agreements.

2. Endorsement by Authorities

  • Both the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Department of Labor (DOL) encourage trust funds to conduct payroll compliance audits, recognizing their importance in maintaining integrity.

3. Clarification of Agreements

  • Collective bargaining and participation agreements can be complex and subject to misinterpretation. Payroll compliance audits help ensure accurate understanding and application.

4. Accurate Calculation of Hours Worked

  • Audits verify that hours worked are calculated correctly, preventing discrepancies and ensuring fair compensation.

5. Proper Employee Classifications

  • Ensuring correct employee classifications is crucial to prevent misapplications and maintain compliance.

6. Error Prevention

  • Payroll compliance audits catch clerical errors, minimizing the risk of inaccuracies in reporting and payments.

7. Identification of Alter-Ego Companies

  • Audits help identify and address alter-ego companies, maintaining transparency and trust fund integrity.

8. Jurisdictional Precision

  • Addressing territorial misinterpretations ensures that contributions align with the correct jurisdictions, avoiding disputes.

9. Accurate Reporting of Minimum/Maximum Hours

  • Audits verify that minimum or maximum hours are reported correctly, preventing underreporting or over reporting.

10. Correct Employment Dates

  • Ensuring accurate employment hire and termination dates prevents discrepancies and maintains compliance.

11. Monitoring Non-Union Employee Activities

  • Audits identify instances of non-union employees performing covered work, preserving the integrity of the trust fund.

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