Forecasting and Budget Services

Navigating the Future: Forecasts, Projections, and Budgets

At LaPadula Carlson + Co, we recognize that planning is the backbone of organizational success. Forecasts, projections, and budgets play pivotal roles in the operation of both for profit and non-profit organizations. We believe that accurate and well-thought-out prospective financial information is a crucial management tool for predicting future outcomes and is often a requisite for financing and investment decisions.

Forecasts and Projections

We understand the significance of accurate financial forecasts and projections. While forecasts predict how an entity will perform if it continues its current operations, projections anticipate the impact of changes to the current course of action. Both are valuable but require collaboration with clients to enhance their usefulness. Your participation in the development process adds depth and relevance to the information.


An in-depth budget is another vital management tool. A well-executed budget can:

  • Establish operating financial benchmarks
  • Set attainable short- and long-term goal
  • Support long-range and strategic planning
  • Assist in developing reliable projections and forecasts
  • Predict periods of cash surplus and shortfall
  • Guide resource allocation

LaPadula Carlson + Co assists small businesses, employee benefit plans, and various entities in developing capital budgets for special expenditures and operating budgets for routine operations. We also prepare cash budgets for effective cash management.

Creating an accurate budget is important, but ongoing monitoring is crucial. We help you anticipate cash shortfalls, identify expense outliers, utilize profits effectively, and provide financial insights throughout the year.

If you see the value in these services, reach out to us. Let's start working together to help you achieve your goals.

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